Halls of Valhalla

Halls of Valhalla is one of the oldest, original guilds on Wiccana Server, with five-hundred members/alts on our roster. We began as a casual, family-like guild, whose members met regularly to quest and raid in a relaxed, friendly environment. Since then, we've constructed a T3 Guild City in Poitain and have grown into a medium-sized guild that advanced all the way to Thoth Amon's Stronghold, where we downed five bosses. Many members participate in daily hardmode six-man dungeon runs in Khitai. We raid all T1 and T2 dungeons each week. No activity is mandatory and whatever we're doing, the emphasis is always on fun.  We strive to maintain a peaceful, drama-free environment. If you would like to join the guild, complete the application on the website.

LEADERSToxaris & Kiratsu; OFFICERSSapphie, Jiahara, Halthecruel, & Faleasha;  RECRUITERS - Elishen, Fugleydude, Zeca, Sylmaria, and Amaalria.

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